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  • Matthew Hermane

Roshangar Recommends... 29 September - 6 October

Each week Roshangar would like to present the most captivating Persian-related stories and occurrences from around the web. This week we have architecture unique to Tajikistan, photos from Iran's diminishing lake Urmia, and efforts to teach young Afghan girls how to code.


Women in Tajikistan are defying traditions as they train to become trekking guides in the Pamir Mountains. - Al Jazeera


The Seventh Tajikistan International Film Festival kicks of in Dushanbe on October 16th and features 40 filmmakers from 13 countries. - Asia-Plus

Tajikistan’s unique, traditional building style is not only rich in cultural and religious symbolism, but also stands the test of time. - The Global Herald


Newly created access to potable water is causing dramatic improvements in health in Afghanistan’s Herat Province. - The World Bank


Code to Inspire, a school founded by entrepreneur Fereshteh Forough to teach coding to Afghan girls, is developing an app to help tourists navigate Afghanistan. - PBS

Afghanistan’s vast mineral resources, pivotal to technological enterprises, could prove to be a boon to the country's economic future, but faces its own challenges. - The Diamondback


A big winner at the Sundance Film Festival, the documentary “Sonita” tells the story of a Afghan girl that has become an advocate of women’s rights through her rap. - The Huffington Post


With ambition to put its own scientific satellites into orbit, Iran has begun negotiations for technical cooperation with a number of countries. - Associated Press

Babak Anvari’s highly acclaimed “Under the Shadow,” in addition to being a pioneer in the genre for Persian-language films, is drawing strong comparisons with previous award-winning horror movies. - The Daily Beast

Newly found evidence indicates ties existed between modern-day Japan and Iran more than 1,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought. - The Japan Times


As Persian films continue to make new at international film festivals, “Based on Photo,” an animation by Elika Mehranpour will be screened at two events over the next two months. - Financial Tribune

A series of photos shows the devastating effect of climate change on Iran's Lake Urmia. - Vox


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