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Roshangar Recommends... 23-29 September

Each week Roshangar would like to present the most captivating Persian-related stories and occurrences from around the web. This week we have snow leopards in Afghan muppets, the history of wine in Iran, and the endangered Asiatic cheetah.


The first Afghan muppet on the country’s version of Sesame Street, Baghch-e-Simsim, is showing girls that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. - CNN


163,000 documents digitized by the Library of Congress related to Afghan cultural history have been delivered to Afghanistan. - Engadget

As a result of better work opportunities abroad, Tajik parents are increasingly demanding specialized Russian-language education for their children. - Institute for War & Peace Reporting

A nine-year-old girl in Seattle is leading her peers in the cause to raise money to support schoolgirls on the other side of the world in Afghanistan. - The Seattle Times


The social media campaign “I am Lake Urmia” (من_دریاچه_ارومیه_هستم#) is attempting to draw increased attention to the cause for revival of the quickly shrinking lake located near Tabriz, Iran. - The Guardian


Despite obtaining permission for Kurdish-language instruction in Iranian Kurdistan’s schools, curriculum has not been developed in time for the 2016-17 school year. - Rudaw

A U.S. Army veteran shares the one thing he misses about his time in Afghanistan - the food. - Task & Purpose

Finely crafted Iranian TV series Shahrzad displays the chaos and challenges of everyday life in Tehran following the 1953 coup. - Global Voices


Former Afghan national boxing team member Mohammad Saber Sharif shares his story of training female boxers in Afghanistan, and then fleeing from the Taliban. - The Washington Post


Despite modern depictions of the Middle Eastern country, Iran has a rich tradition of enjoying libations dating back more than 1000 years and contributing to some of the region's greatest cultural contributions. - The Economist

Since its opening in December 2015, the Isfahan Music Museum has now won two awards, most recently from the International Council of Museums. - The Guardian


Hindered first by revolution and then war, Tehran is increasingly becoming an arena for experimentation in modern architecture. - The Guardian

The rare Asiatic cheetah, unique to Iran, is thought to number less than 50, and the lone pair in captivity has yet to mate, making the species’ outlook bleak. - Los Angeles Times


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