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  • Mojan Najmabadi and Jason Prior

Insights: Shahram Karimi

Shahram Karimi is an accomplished Iranian artist and set designer who has worked both inside and outside of Iran for the last few decades. Karimi is known for his collaborations with Iranian film producer Shirin Neshat and his most notable contributions include the films Men Without Women and The White Meadows. When he visited the University of Maryland campus on October 16th, I had the pleasure of seeing him speak. To begin his presentation, Mr. Karimi showed a few short clips that he had produced and walked the audience through his design process. His clips ranged in subject from a film about an Italian women's prison to a piece about Checkpoint Charlie in Germany. Mr. Karimi also discussed his work in The White Meadows, in which he talked in detail about how he made the artistic choice to bring in a tree to the filming location just so it could be in the background of particular shots.

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